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Have questions about GuestSend features or need to learn how to do something? Please check out our FAQ's below or if you don't see your question answered you can open a support ticket with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you forget your password you can easily request a new one using your login email address.

To reset your password:
- Click on the "Login" link in the menubar
- Click on the "Forgot password" link on the login page
- Enter your email address and we will email you a link where you can reset your password
You can add your own company logo and customize your upload portal by logging into the admin dashboard then under the "Settings" section on the left hand side you can click on "Portal" which will allow you to change all of your upload portal settings including your company logo.
There are a few different ways that you can prevent unauthorized use of sending messages through your upload portal:

  • Password Protect- You can set a password that locks your upload portal. This password would be shared with anyone that would need to access the portal.
  • Token Access- You can generate onetime or multi-use tokens that you send to anyone that would need to access the portal. From the admin dashboard you have the ability to create tokens and manage their usage.
  • File Requests- If you lock down your portal with a password you can still invite users to access your portal by sending them a file request. Requests can be generated through the admin portal and are sent over email to your desired recipient.
Total used storage space is calculated off of the files that are contained in messages that you have received. If you need to free up space for your account you can delete any old messages and files that you have already viewed or downloaded.

To delete a message and associated files:
  1. Login to the admin dashboard
  2. Click on the "Messages" link on the left side
  3. Click on the message(s) that you would like to delete
  4. On the message details screen you will have the ability to click on "Delete Message" in the upper right. (Note: Deleting a message and file(s) is a permanent action and the message will no longer be available)