Receive Files

Receiving files from your clients is typically difficult, and traditional email systems only allow for small attachments. GuestSend makes it easy to receive large files from everyone. Files of up to 2gb in size can be sent from your clients and sent directly through your own upload portal in GuestSend.

Request Files

If you need a file from a client GuestSend allows you to easily request that they send you files directly from email requests. Your clients will receive customized emails asking them to send the requested files through your GuestSend Upload portal. You will also have the ability to track requests and follow up on clients if the file request is still open and the files have not been sent.

Large File Management

Sending large files over the internet and especially over email is difficult and sometimes even impossible. GuestSend allows files up to 2gb in size to be sent directly through your customized upload portal.

Customized Portal

Customize your GuestSend file upload portal to match your company and brand. Easily use your companies, logo, fonts, and color in your portal and make the GuestSend file portal an extension of your brand. You even have the ability to customize messaging and emails that are viewed or sent by your clients and partners.

Tokens & Security

Control access to your upload portal and even track who is sending what. GuestSend has built in multiple ways to authenticate users and to protect access of your ifle upload portal. Portals can be secured with a general password or you can even generate tokens that can be used once or can be multiple use.

Custom Fields

Get the information you need when clients send you files. In addition to standard information such as name and email address you can request account details or any other data you may need.

Flexible Storage

With the different plans in GuestSend you have the ability to store as many messages and files sent from your clients and partners as you would like. If you do need to free up space or no longer need to retain messages you can easily delete message directly from the admin dashboard. Also when you delete a message in GuestSend both the message including any metadata and the associated files are completely removed to keep both you and your clients mind at ease over the security and retention of their data.